Custom Folding Cardboard Magnetic Gift Boxes

Custom various magnetic packaging box, magnetic closure gift box. Made from premium rigid boards, fine paper, powerful magnet, Custom your size,color,logo.The Premium Boxes offer well-designed custom boxes with premium quality printing and packaging services

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Custom various magnetic packaging box, magnetic closure gift box. Made from premium rigid boards, fine paper, powerful magnet, Custom your size,color,logo.The Premium Boxes offer well-designed custom boxes with premium quality printing and packaging services

Custom Folding Cardboard Magnetic Gift Boxes

ServiceOEM,ODM or Customized
MaterialCCNB Duplex board with gray back,SBS  White card paper,Art paper,Craft Card ,F flute,E flute,B flute,EE flute,AB flute
PrintingOffset Printing,Flexographic Printing
Finished ProcessGloss aqueous varnishing,Matt varnishing,UV Coating,Spot UV,Gloss plastic film lamination,Matt  Plastic film lamination,Calender,etc

gift paper boxes

  1. Customized gift boxes should be safe and practical

Any product should put safety first. When customizing the packaging design of exquisite gifts, the safety and practical aspects of storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use should be considered according to the attributes of the packaged gifts. The packaging of different gifts may require different packaging materials. This needs to be determined according to the packaging materials and the attributes of the gifts. Pay special attention to the moisture, shock, pressure, and leakage of the gifts to ensure that the gifts are in any case. Intact.

  1. Customized gift box packaging should be humanized

The customized packaging design of gifts must be suitable for the storage, transportation, display and sale of gifts, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. For this reason, when customizing the gift box, it is necessary to make the proportion of the box type structure reasonable, rigorous structure and exquisite shape, focusing on the beauty of the shape and material of the box type, the beauty of contrast and coordination, the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, and strive to reach the box of the gift box The structure has complete functions and exquisite appearance, so it is suitable for production, sales and even use. Common custom gift box structures are mainly tote bag type, hanging type, open type, window type, closed type or a combination of several forms.

  1. Customized gift box production

After considering the design and customization of the gift box, it can be put into production. At this time, the production also needs to consider whether the customization of the gift box can achieve precision, speed, mass production, cost, etc., and whether it can help workers quickly and accurately Processing, forming, loading and sealing issues are considered.

  1. Customized gift boxes should have promotional functions

Customized gift boxes can play a role in the promotion of a gift. Customized gift boxes should be able to attract the attention of the majority of consumers and stimulate the desire to buy. They should also fully display gifts to reduce consumer suspicion of internal gifts. The use of transparent sunroof packaging boxes is a good choice, which can also meet consumer diversification. Psychological needs.

  1. Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection is an issue that must be considered for every product. While considering the beauty and practicality of customized gift boxes, environmental issues should also be considered. Only gift boxes that do not damage people’s health and do not pollute the environment can become consumers’ choices.

  1. Customized gift boxes should be artistic

Commodities with high artistic value are more likely to attract the attention of consumers, bring beauty to people, and gain the favor of consumers. Customized gifts should pay attention to appearance and content. The packaging design highlights the characteristics of gifts, and conveys this feature to consumers in the form of art.


1. Good cushioning performance.
2. Light and firm.
3. Small size.
4. Adequate raw materials and low cost.
5. Easy to automate production.
6. The cost of packaging operations is low.
7. Can pack a variety of items.
8. Less metal usage.
9. Printing performance is good.
10. Recyclable reuse.

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