Sliding packaging cosmetic gift box color printing

Sliding packaging cosmetic gift box color printing.The Premium Boxes offer well-designed custom boxes with premium quality printing and packaging services

Sliding packaging cosmetic gift box color printing.The Premium Boxes offer well-designed custom boxes with premium quality printing and packaging services

Sliding packaging cosmetic gift box color printing

ServiceOEM,ODM or Customized
MaterialCCNB Duplex board with gray back,SBS  White card paper,Art paper,Craft Card ,F flute,E flute,B flute,EE flute,AB flute
PrintingOffset Printing,Flexographic Printing
Finished ProcessGloss aqueous varnishing,Matt varnishing,UV Coating,Spot UV,Gloss plastic film lamination,Matt  Plastic film lamination,Calender,etc

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How to choose color for customized cosmetic packaging box

  1. Choose from the age of consumer groups

The age of cosmetic consumer groups is generally young, so from this point, the customized cosmetic packaging box should choose vibrant, fresh and refined, vibrant colors, such as pink, fruit green, light blue, ivory Bai et al. It fits the consumer group’s audience and allows users to choose our products.

  1. Choose from the perspective of product positioning

Good cosmetic packaging design, most will not choose the colorful colors. The style of products of big brands is very important. It doesn’t need too many colors to show off, and a single hue can highlight the high-end of the product. Generally milky white, light green, and light pink are used more.

  1. Choose from the perspective of product efficacy

The efficacy of cosmetics is different, and the optional cosmetic packaging box is also exquisite. The whitening effect of the cosmetic packaging box will not choose too dark colors, most of the moisturizing effect chooses green or pink, so that consumers will have a psychological sense of intimacy, so as to achieve the purchase intention.

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